portada-Some current topics 2014
Some current topics in condensed matter physics 2014

In this volume, different works related with problems of the current condensed matter research are put together. They are mostly related with the electronic and optical properties of semiconductor or dielectric layered heterostructures. Within this context the reader may find reports on the use of the transfer matrix formalism to solve effective-mass like equations, the features of anisotropic radiative emission and photon recycling in strain-balanced quantum well solar cells as well as the heavy hole Rashba coupling in semiconductor heterosystems. The transfer matrix scheme also appears in three chapters devoted to discuss photonic and phononic properties of one-dimensional dielectric heterolayers, whereas another two of them deal with the transport of Dirac electrons in quasi-regular graphene layered structures. As well, there is a contribution concerning to the linear and nonlinear optical properties associated to intersubband electron transitions in delta-doped quantum wells.

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portada-Some current topics 2012
Some current topics in condensed matter physics 2012

The second volume of this series contains contributions in distinct areas of research in the physics of condensed matter. For most of them there is a common ground which is the physics of multilayered structures. Those works contain investigations on the acoustic, electronic and optical properties of systems including phononic crystals, tunneling heterostructures and the plasmon-polariton modes in Rudin-Shapiro one-dimensional photonic superlattices. A particular feature appearing in some of these chapters is the use of the transfer matrix formalism. The significance of this mathematical scheme for solving one-dimensional Sturm-Liouville- like differential problems is properly highlighted in chapter 3, together with a special discussion related with tackling the so-called ω-d problem. In the last two chapters the reader will find a discussion on the recent progress in the implementation of density functional calculations and a report on the properties of the vortex excitations in Bose-Einstein polaritonic condensates, respectively.

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Some current topics 2010
Some current topics in condensed matter physics 2010

This is the first volume of what is intended to be a collection of books covering different aspects of the research in condensed matter physics. The topics considered include reports on metamaterials modeling, mathematical aspects of the generalized eigenvalue problem — present in many multiband solid state situations and in situations described by systems of linear differential equations—, quantum well solar cells, as well as on the effective properties of magneto-electro- elastic laminated composite under the influence of a magnetic field. A chapter is devoted to the principles and applications of the laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. Transmission properties throughout one-dimensional layered structures and the nonlinear electromagnetic response of graphene are the subjects of another contributions. The book ends with an analysis of the fractality of the spectrum of elementary excitations in sequences following DNA bases ordering.

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excitacion hipersonido
Excitación de hipersonido en películas de GaAs y GaN

A pesar de que en las últimas décadas las innovaciones relacionadas con la obtención de compuestos pseudomórficos y heterouniones han sido significativas para el desarrollo de la física del estado sólido, los avances tecnológicos requieren de nuevos dispositivos capaces de operar por medio de una longitud de onda en rango milimétrico, sin sacrificar el desempeño que ofrecen las frecuencias elevadas. Este libro parte de los estudios sobre ondas en materiales semiconductores, los cuales tienen su origen en la creación de dispositivos de dos y tres terminales; primero, con los transistores de unión bipolar con sustrato de silicio y, posteriormente, con los de efecto de campo con sustrato de GaAs.

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resonancia magnetica
Introducción a la resonancia magnética nuclear de proteínas

Este libro constituye una introducción a la Resonancia Magnética Nuclear (RMN) aplicada al estudio de proteínas. En él se presentan los conceptos esenciales de manera sencilla, intentando no perder el rigor científico. La espectroscopia de RMN es una técnica única por su capacidad para estudiar con resolución atómica sitios de unión de ligados, cambios conformacionales y dinámicas moleculares. Esta obra está dirigida a estudiantes de nivel superior que se aproximen a la RMN en proteínas por primera vez o a personas interesadas en tener conocimientos básicos respecto a esta técnica aplicada en proteínas, a la comprensión de conceptos de RMN y a sus aspectos experimentales.

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