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Some current topics in condensed matter physics 2010

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This is the first volume of what is intended to be a collection of books covering different aspects of the research in condensed matter physics. The topics considered include reports on metamaterials modeling, mathematical aspects of the generalized eigenvalue problem — present in many multiband solid state situations and in situations described by systems of linear differential equations—, quantum well solar cells, as well as on the effective properties of magneto-electro- elastic laminated composite under the influence of a magnetic field. A chapter is devoted to the principles and applications of the laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. Transmission properties throughout one-dimensional layered structures and the nonlinear electromagnetic response of graphene are the subjects of another contributions. The book ends with an analysis of the fractality of the spectrum of elementary excitations in sequences following DNA bases ordering.

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M. E. Mora-Ramos, R. Pérez-Álvarez, L. M. Gaggero-Sager, (editors)




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