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Some current topics in condensed matter physics 2012

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The second volume of this series contains contributions in distinct areas of research in the physics of condensed matter. For most of them there is a common ground which is the physics of multilayered structures. Those works contain investigations on the acoustic, electronic and optical properties of systems including phononic crystals, tunneling heterostructures and the plasmon-polariton modes in Rudin-Shapiro one-dimensional photonic superlattices. A particular feature appearing in some of these chapters is the use of the transfer matrix formalism. The significance of this mathematical scheme for solving one-dimensional Sturm-Liouville- like differential problems is properly highlighted in chapter 3, together with a special discussion related with tackling the so-called ω-d problem. In the last two chapters the reader will find a discussion on the recent progress in the implementation of density functional calculations and a report on the properties of the vortex excitations in Bose-Einstein polaritonic condensates, respectively.

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M. E. Mora-Ramos, R. Pérez-Álvarez, L. M. Gaggero-Sager, (editors)




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